Session: Cancer- Types

Cancer- Types


Cancer is a dangerous disease that occurs when cells begin to divide abnormally and without control. With a few significant exceptions, such as leukaemia, the majority of cancer cells take the form of tumours. Cancer does not exist in all tumours. Moles, for example, stop developing and are not cancerous. A range of symptoms can be used to diagnose cancer. Symptoms may vary in some circumstances, or they may not appear at all.
i.              Bladder Cancer
ii.             Bone Cancer
iii.            Brain Cancer
iv.           Breast Cancer
v.            Endocrine Cancer
vi.           Lung Cancer
vii.          Skin Cancer
viii.         Urologic Cancers
ix.           Pancreatic Cancer
x.            Pediatric Cancer
xi.           Prostate Cancer
i.            Gynecologic cancers