Track: Organ Specific Cancer

Organ Specific Cancer


Various malignancies can be found in different areas of the human body depending on the organ in which they are present. Depending on the position of severity and cell proliferation, it may have different indicators, symptoms, prevention, pain, and treatments.
·        Breast cancer
·        Blood cancer
·        Brain cancer
·        Head and Neck Cancer (HSNCC)
·        Oral cancer
·        Thoracic cancer
·        Lung cancer
·        Skin and Bone Cancer
·        Osteosarcoma
·        Gastrointestinal Cancer
·        Endocrine Cancer
·        Neuroendocrine cancer
·        Genitourinary cancer
·        Prostate Cancer
·        Kidney Cancer
·        Bladder and Colon Cancer
·        Tumor or Malignant Tumor
·        Testicular Cancer
·        Urologic Cancer
·        Pancreatic Cancer
·        Gynecologic cancer
·        Neurologic Cancer 
·        Pediatric Cancer