Ayda Hussain Mustafa

Ayda Hussain Omer Mustafa

University of AL-Neelain, Sudan

Title: Long Term Outcomes of Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer in Sudan


Introduction: Neo-adjuvant systemic therapy has become the standard primary therapy for locally advanced breast cancer globally (1,17,18). The studies proved that Neo-adjuvant therapy is effective in down-staging the locally advanced breast disease (3) and making breast conservative surgery more feasible, while keeping the long term outcomes into consideration; disease free survival and overall survival (4,18). Material and methodology: In this retrospective case control study we investigated the 5 years overall survival and recurrence free survival of neo_adjuvant systemic therapy, including all patients with locally advanced breast cancer who attended the breast clinic between 2016-2018. Results: 164 patients were included as candidates in the study, but the response rate was only 46 patients. Among them 28 cases received neoadjuvant therapy and 18 control had surgery directly. The 5 years OS was 50% in cases and 56% in controls.( P. value= 0.47). Kaplan-Meier survival analysis illustrated that, the estimated mean of survival time was 74.1 months in case group and 82.0 (95% CI: 64.2 – 84.1) months in control group (95% CI: 71.5 – 92.5). Nonetheless, the difference was not statistically significant (Log Rank Sign value = 0.973). the development of metastasis and recurrence were not significantly affected by the types surgery in case (P. value = 0.655). Conclusion: this study confirms the previously reported data that Neoadjuvant systemic therapy does not add a beneficial effect on the long term overall survival outcome. It also support the use of breast conservative surgery as the recurrence and metastatic outcome do not affected by the type of surgery performed.


Ayda Hussein Omer Mustafa is an Associate professor of surgery at Alneelain university. Head department of surgery since Feb.2019 till now .She has been Co-ordinating the program against breast cancer at the Sudanese Ministry of health since 2008 2020. She trains medical students, medical officers and family Physicians on the methods of early detection of breast cancer since 2008 -2020. She established Khartoum breast clinic in 2005, Khartoum combined breast clinic in 2008 and the Multidisciplinary breast clinic in 2010 and is the director of the clinic. She is an  Organizer of campaigns for awareness and the early detection of breast cancer among the community. She is a member of The Sudanese Association of surgeons, The European school of oncology, American Society of breast surgeons, African Organization against Cancer (AORTC) and Wansi foundation. Currently, she awards recently PhD. degree at Athens University.in comparative study of breast cancer management and outcomes in Sudan and Greece.