Virtual Conference
Bassam Abdul Rasool Hassan

Bassam Abdul Rasool Hassan

Al Rafidain University College, Iraq

Title: Knowledge of oncology health professionals about chemotherapy resistance


Cancers that had previously responded to chemotherapy can develop resistance if they start growing again unexpectedly. Medically this situation called chemotherapy resistance. This would render the chemotherapy medications useless in their efforts to kill the cancer cells. Chemotherapy resistance is frustrating for everyone involved, from patients to physicians, because it renders all previous treatment efforts useless. Therefore, it is advised that the drugs be changed whenever the oncologists realize that the tumors are no longer responding to the existing therapy which is being administered. For oncologists to effectively treat their patients, they need to first understand what factors contribute to their patients' drug resistance. As a result, the responsibility of oncologists to track the development of resistance to chemotherapy is receiving more and more attention. How closely oncologists keep tabs on their patients' chemo-resistance depends on their familiarity with the topic, how they feel about it, and how they treat it in their own practises. Based on all of this, a current presentation is being conducted to improve the level of knowledge of oncology health professionals about chemotherapy resistance.


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