Kamna Yadav

O. P. Jindal Global University, India

Title: Efficacy of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy in Indian Cancer Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial


Growing interest has been observed in studying the psychological effects and managing it with non-pharmacological treatment. The aim of the present research was to study efficacy of mindfulness based cognitive therapy, behavioural activation therapy, relaxation therapy on anxiety, psychological distress in heterogenous cancer patients undergoing treatment. A single-blinded 4-armed randomized controlled trial was conducted at Dr. B.L.K Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi over a period of one year.  Total of 189 patients, 48 were randomized to MBCT, 47 to BAT, RT, and TAU each. Intervention was provided for 8-weeks, one hour per week. The primary outcomes of anxiety were measured using BAI, SCL-90R for psychological distress, secondary outcomes including fear of recurrence using FCRI, SPS for social support. Mindfulness was measured as a mediator outcome using FFMQ and treatment adherence was measured using CPPS-P. Patients were assessed at baseline (T1), post-intervention (T2) and 1-month follow-up (T3). Significant reduction in mean anxiety and psychological distress in MBCT group, BAT group, RT group in comparison to TAU group was observed. FCR was significantly decreased in MBCT, RT groups. Increased mindfulness levels were evident in MBCT group from baseline to post-intervention significant at .05 level. The findings showed evidence for MBCT and RT in comparison to controls in heterogenous cancer patients undergoing treatment.


Kamna Yadav is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and educator. She pursued her M. Phil in Clinical Psychology from IHBAS and doctoral degree from the University of Delhi. Her doctoral degree focused on providing third-wave psychotherapies to individuals with carcinoma adapting randomized control trail methodology. Currently, working as an Assistant Professor at Jindal School of Psychology & Counselling, O. P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Delhi. She has been practicing and catering to the needs of clinical and non-clinical population across age groups for more than a decade. She has dispensed her clinical skills by providing psychotherapy and psychological assessment at outpatient and inpatient department of various clinics and hospital set-ups.