Nimah A. Raba

Jordanian Ministry of Health, Jordan

Title: Mullerian Cyst Presenting as an Inguinal Mass: A Rare Case Report


Mullerian cysts are rare cystic lesions that represent remnants of Mullerian ducts. The clinical presentation usually involves swelling or symptoms of large cyst-size compression of adjacent structures. The preoperative diagnosis is very challenging due to the lack of specific features, and the precise diagnosis is reached with histopathological examination. In this report, we discuss a case involving a 26-year-old woman who visited our clinic with complaints of swelling in her left inguinal region. The patient was operated on as a case of a suspected left inguinal hernia, but the histopathological examination of the excised mass was consistent with the diagnosis of a Mullerian cyst. Despite their rarity, it is essential to consider Mullerian cysts when diagnosing inguinal cystic lesions. The diagnosis should be confirmed with histopathological examination, especially to rule out any evidence of primary malignancy, therefore allowing physicians to provide the proper management and follow-up to patients with this pathology.


Nimah Rabai is a general surgeon and clinical teaching instructor from Jordan, working in hospitals affiliated to Jordanian Ministry of Health. Currently working in a hospital covering rural areas in northern Jordan, providing surgical healthcare to less fortunate populations. She is a graduate of Jordan University for Science and Technology and received her surgical training in both the Royal Medical Services and the Jordanian Ministry of Health. She is a member of the scientific committee of Jordan Medical Association/Irbid. She applies evidence-based medicine guidelines and uses shared decision making model in her practice, and very passionate about research work, contributing articles that hopefully help in advancing our medical knowledge and healthcare provision.