Shouhartha Choudhury

Shouhartha Choudhury

Assam University, India

Title: In-Silico analysis of FASLG gene resistant to cancer immunotherapy


Cancer treatment depends on numerous molecular functional mechanisms that promote tumour growth by the immune process. The immunologic theorem proposed cancer immunotherapy based on molecular immune checkpoints control T-cell activation. Those molecular mechanisms foster novel therapeutic applications in Immuno-Oncology. So, the FASLG gene from the TNF family binds with the receptor to induce apoptosis. Fas ligand and receptor interactions lead to a dominant nature in the immune system and develop cancer. The dynamism of the apoptotic-induced FASLG gene terminates tumour infiltrating lymphocytes and suppress tumour responses called tumour counter-attacks. Intense evidence in the animal model suggested FASLG (CD95L) gene expression prevents T-cells responses and tumour exit. The justification of CD95L (CD178) in tumours declines and induces inflammation. Those mechanisms suggested CD178 in tumour cells and its contribution to immune break. Also, those mechanisms forwarded the T-cell suppression in the tumour microenvironment by immune checkpoints controlling tumour growth to interfere with anti-tumour immune response. 


Shouhartha Choudhury completed B.Tech, M.Tech in Bioinformatics and M.Phil in Life Science and Bioinformatics from India. He is a PhD research scholar at the HGK School of Life Sciences, Department of Biotechnology, Assam University, Silchar -788011, Assam, India. In PhD research, he published research articles in Cancer Science and Development. He communicated various peer-review pre-printed research papers for evaluation and consideration in Journals. Also, he presented abstracts and participated in National and International Conferences. Furthermore, he is also a reviewer of the Journal of Cancer Gene Therapy (Springer Nature), the Journal of Cancer Reports (Wiley), the Journal of Diabetes and Metabolism (Springer Nature) and other Journals of Cell Press Family.