Sucharita Chatterjee

Sucharita Chatterjee

Command Hospital (Eastern Command), India

Title: Pain Beyond Cancer: Psychosocial Support For Patients Who Lost their Daughters During their Treatment Trajectory- Case Series


The word ‘cancer’ itself is potent enough to cause distress in the patients. However, there are  other stressors that cancer patients may face during their journey of treatment such as loss of their loved ones which may interrupt their treatment process. The aim of the article is to focus on the importance of psychosocial support to maintain the treatment process and to deal with grief. In a government hospital of Kolkata two cases of breast cancer have been observed  longitudinally. During the treatment process both of them have lost their daughters. NCCN distress management scale was used to assess their distress level and problem areas and Brief grief assessment was done to assess their severity of grief and psychotherapeutic intervention  was done accordingly. The patients distress score increased to 9 from the normal range when their daughters’ health started deteriorating. After the death of their wards the grief assessment score was suggesting the need for psychotherapy as both of them were very reluctant to  continue their treatment. Currently they are continuing their treatment with grief counselling and need based intervention. Pain is inevitable but the suffering can be dealt with proper  intervention. The importance of psychotherapy in onco-care is very crucial as it not only focuses on illness rather on its trajectory.


Sucharita Chatterjee has completed her M.Phil degree in Clinical Psychology at the age of 27 years from Institute of Psychiatry- Center of Excellence, Kolkata (West Bengal University of Health Sciences), India. Currently, she is working as a Clinical Psychologist (Registered in Rehabilitation Council of India, CRR- A79644) in the Department of Oncology in an army hospital of India. She has more than one and a half years of experience in onco-care. She has started Support Group for the patients. She has initiated and currently heading a patient magazine named “KIRAN- A ray of hope”. She has been serving as a reviewer of the Indian Cancer Awareness Journal.