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Sunita Sumit Deore

Sunita Sumit Deore

Sandip University Nashik, India

Title: MTT Cytotoxicity Study of compounds isolated from Meyna laxiflora seeds and Tectona grandis Bark powder by using MDCK cell lines


Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) is a cytosolic compound present in various cell types. Plasma film harm LDH into the cell culture media. Extracellular LDH in the media can be evaluated by a coupled enzymatic response in which LDH catalyses the change of lactate to pyruvate through NAD reduction to NADH. Diaphorase then utilizes NADH to diminish a tetrazolium salt (INT) to a red formazan item that can be estimated at 490nm. The degree of formazan formation is straight forwardly relative to how much LDH discharged into the medium, which is characteristic of cytotoxicity. The Observations in Statistical data of LDH Leakage study suggesting us that against MDCK cell lines, Test Compounds namely SDA-1 and SDA-2 conjugated with the 300uM of Oxalate exhibiting cytoprotective potency on dose dependent manner respectively. Std drug, provided in the kit effectively released LDH to the surrounding medium by causing 100% lysis on cells respectively. Among the given compounds, SDA-2 showing highly significant cytoprotective potency and other compound, SDA-1 showing moderate cytoprotective potency in Oxalate induced MDCK cells.


Dr. Sunita Sumit Deore is currently working as an Assistant Professor and had an Experience- 13 years of teaching experience.Currently working at the School of pharmaceutical sciences, Sandip University, Nashik, Maharashtra, India. My area of research is cancer. I have done work with cell lines by using herbal plants.  Note- Name mentioned in the research paper publications Sunita Ahire is named before marriage. Sunita Deore is the name changed after marriage. Kindly take note of it.