Virtual Conference
Yin Zhe

Yin Zhe

Yanbian University, China

Title: Cancer Discovery and Mutations Time


1. Neuro system is a closed-loop system. existing and aware of the communication agreement.
reason: Neuro system satisfy the law of nature. same motion as the solar system.
The transmission of neural information using electricity. current and magnetic force lines are the's just not the same density, it's connected, and it's closed. neural information has the function of one-line bidirectional transmission. when on exception occurs? enable the function module of real-time processing also has the function of prime number stratification, independent recognition, and processing of information. this is the communication protocol.
2. Calculation the start time and end time of the biological variation process.
reason: a mutation is when an abnormal metabolic event occurs and changes the status quo. the law of nature has the function of automatically identifying abnormal events. this is a necessary condition.if there is no problem-solving module among the known functional modules,this is the time when the mutation starts.if the problem is solved within three cycles, it's recorded in the DNA.mutational events become immune events. that's when the mutation ends


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