Sandro Barni

Sandro Barni

ASST di Bergamo Ovest, Italy


Sandro Barni is currently a Managing Director at ASST di Bergamo Ovest, Italy. he has completed his postgraduate School of Radiation Oncology at the School of Medicine at the State University, Milan, Italy.  He has served as a Clinical Fellow in Radiation Oncology at National Cancer Institute in Milan, Italy. He is a member of the National Board of CIPOMO (Collegio Italiano Primari Ospedalieri di Oncologia Medica) and so on. He is an author and co-author of over 740 papers on oncological subjects, mainly published in English and Italian. He is being as a President and/or Chairman of many national and international congresses.

Research Interest

Breast cancer, G.I. tumors, Lung cancer, Endocrinotherapy, Immunotherapy, Supportive Care, Quality of life