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Asel Karpova

Asel Karpova

Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education, Russia Federation

Title: Conventional and liquid-based cytology in the diagnostics of endometrial tumors and non-tumor lesions


Morphological examination of the material obtained during endometrial aspiration biopsy or separate diagnostic curettage is an integral part of endometrial pathology diagnostics, but these manipulations are associated with invasive intervention and certain additional surgical and anesthesiological risks. Therefore, there is great interest in improving endometrial cytology, especially due to the possibility to minimize associated risks with high diagnostic potential. Currently, conventional cytology (CC) and liquid-based cytology (LBC) used for the morphological diagnosis of diseases of various localizations, but the possibilities of combining the use of these methods have not been studied enough.

AIMS: Improvement of cytological diagnosis of endometrial tumors and non-tumor lesions.

MATERIALS AND METHODS:  The study enrolled 118 patients aged 22-79 years with endometrial pathology and indications for surgical treatment and routine histological examination of the material, obtained during surgery. Endometrial surface scrapings obtained during hysteroscopy (n=90) and postoperative material (n=28) were used for cytological examination. Part of the obtained material was immediately applied to a CC slide (MGG); the rest was placed into a vial with preserving medium for LBC (ClearPrep, CellPrep Plus). 

RESULTS: Insufficient material was obtained in 9.9% of CC cases, and in 14.9% of LBC cases. The combined use of two cytological methods reduced the number of cases with inadequate material to 6.9%. The presence of atypia in the cytological material (threshold value of atypical hyperplasia) correlated with the results of histological examination (p < 0.001). 

CONCLUSIONS: The combined use of the traditional (conventional) and liquid based cytology allows to improve the diagnostic capabilities of cytology in endometrial tumors non-tumor lesions


Karpova Asel is a doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics, a PhD-student of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education, writing her dissertation on cytological studies of endometrial and ovarian material.