Virtual Conference
Maria Elena Buenrostro

Maria Elena Buenrostro

Mexican Social Security Institute, Mexico

Title: Open right hepatectomy in a patient with hepatocarcinoma and pulmonary hypertension


Liver resection is the most effective treatment for primary and secondary malignancies. A major limitation of liver surgery is the high morbidity and mortality related to blood loss and liver function. The difficulty of the procedure and perioperative management may increase due to the association of comorbidities, such as the present case of a patient with hepatocarcinoma and pulmonary hypertension. There can be successful results if the patient is approached appropriately and multidisciplinary.


Maria Elena Buenrostro has completed her high-specialty of onco-anaesthesiology in 2020 at the age of 31 years on Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia, México. She has been a speaker on topics of oncological anesthesia inside and outside her country, some topics like "Preanesthetic assessment and risk stratification in cancer patients", and "Post oncological surgery recovery emergency".  She has over 6 publications and has been a reviewer on Journal of Surgical Oncology